Three blogs to help plan your next getaway.

It’s the dead of winter and we at Parker Sanpei & Associates have wanderlust.  But in the midst of fantasizing our next trip, we’ve discovered that vacations are like jeans: definitely not one-size-fits-all.

For some of us, a vacation means total luxury, sparing no expense, wanting for nothing.  To others, it means family reunions, where the food, lodging and activity options are broad enough to please everyone.  And for the rest of us, vacation means traveling on a shoestring to get the most bang for our buck.

With these three travel styles in mind, we’ve compiled a trio of our favorite travel blogs to help you plan your next vacation.  Bon voyage!

Where bliss and comfort are king: Authentic Luxury Travel

We love award-winning travel writer Elizabeth Hansen’s manifesto on her Authentic Luxury Travel site:

I’m a strong believer in the value of authentic travel experiences. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling to another country or visiting a nearby city. What’s important is to connect with local people and experience their culture. I think that authentic travel can be life changing and may even help build a safer, more peaceful global community.

In other words, just because you want to be luxuriously comfortable on your trip doesn’t mean you can’t immerse yourself completely in a place’s culture.  Some of our favorite posts include insider tips on visits to MyanmarPeru, and Napa Valley.

With many generations to please: Adventures for Families

According to travel industry website, multi-generational family travel has exploded over the past several years.  If you’re one of the thousands of people out there looking for a different way to connect with family, the Adventures for Families blog is for you.  Author Suzette Mack is a Family Travel Advisor whose specialty is “creating memorable vacations for families with children of all ages. My goal is to ensure my clients have a stress and hassle-free vacation.”  Favorite posts include how to take a family cruise, “The Best of Paris (As Per My Kids),” and what to pack – and not pack – for family travel.

When every penny counts: Hostel Bloggers

Even if your hosteling days are long gone, this blog is a fantastic guide to finding the most unique, authentic, and adventurous goings-on without breaking the bank.  Written by, the blog won fifth place in the Tripbase Budget Travel Blog Awards for its fun writing, take-no-prisoners approach, and diversity of suggestions.  Posts we love include “Cheap Cinemas in London,” “Best Meat Pies in Australia,” and “Amsterdam Bars: 4 Fab & Frugal Places to Drink.”


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  1. Thank you for the shout out!

  2. Hi,
    Many (belated) thanks for the kind words about my site Authentic Luxury Travel. I just changed the URL of the site and wonder if you could update your link to my site. The new URL is
    Best regards…
    Elizabeth Hansen

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